Anonymous asked lmaoooo you would HAVE TO chew some of that gum! I think your reaction to being inflated would be the funniest

Haha I’m taking that as a compliment lol


Anonymous asked lol why what would you do with some of that gum?? would you chew it? :D

Hahha probably!! Sometimes I’m weird.


Anonymous asked haha I just want to say something totally random, I WISH that gum was real! The gum that made Violet swell up into a big fat blueberry, I would use it to make sooooo many girls bloat up all round like her! LMAO MUWAHAHAHAHA

Well fuck, remind me to never get on your bad side hahah


Anonymous asked Sucks to be that girl dressed up all pretty in a crop top and a skirt when her body suddenly starts inflating like a big balloon/blueberry

Like a basic bitch


Anonymous asked haha I don’t think you would need to be worried about whether it would hurt or if you’d pop or explode or whatever. You should probably be worried about your clothes! I hope you’d be wearing stretchy…everything! This is all hypothetical of course but you know what I mean!

Hahah that would suck, but it’d probably be the last of my worries I can always buy new clothes lol


Anonymous asked LMAO no offense but I'd die laughing if I saw you suddenly start to swell up or inflate! Not in a mean way haha omg sorry

HAHAHAHA!!! I would laugh tooo!! No need to be sorry, haha! Id probably be a little freaked out haha

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Anonymous asked I feel like in either scenario it would really SUCK because you'd feel really huge and bloated? lmao wouldn't it be embarrassing?! Imagine if you were in a crowd of people or something??

Haha usually every would you rather question sucks, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed, it’d be hilarious hahaha


Anonymous asked LMAO but didn't they say Violet was going to swell up too big and explode?! What's wrong with being inflated like a big balloon?? lol

Yea but they just needed to squeeze it out of her… Right? Lol
And I’m sorta afraid of heights πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚